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What is Neuromuscular Résistance Therapeutic Training-NMRTT

Activated neurological stimulation by mental capacity in conjunction with breath work within a specified range of motion that protects the joint and the connective tissue from injury due to over usage. This is not a new theory but rather a convergence of applied techniques. Used in a specified sequence to obtain max contractile force of strength. Using Intelligent force, the individual reaches into the recess of subconscious and activates the fight or flight response.

As the name suggests; nervous system is activated first, then the muscular structure drives through a short range that  is safe and assisted by trained professional the muscle group is concentrated upon with dynamic feedback and proper positioning of body as well as the safest and strongest joint position possible. The applied resistance is therapeutic because it positively effects the tendons, ligaments and the entire muscle body within the safe positions of the movement of the joint. Once the training is achieved the lessons need not to be retaught. The binaural brain junction is activated and input now becomes almost instant output to the mirror muscle group of the corresponding opposite side left or right accordingly.



Results= gains = fat reduction; it maters because rapid weight loss is attained by rapid strength gain. The self confidence that core and tendons strength brings. the program is designed to specifically increase metabolism and stabilize the core of the core muscles, Safely

General benefits of Neuro Muscular Resistance Therapeutic Training:

1.push yourself to higher levels

  1. motivate to show up due to rapid results.
  2. Finding the right machine for your body type (especially if you are small stature)
  3. protects the joint and the connective tissue
  4. immediate feedback of the muscle group vs the incorrect motions that lead to injuries and low outcome.
  5. Fun to work out with a partner