Lifeonaire: Live intentionally for excellence daily, loving laughing with others in a practical way and making every moment eternal and every encounter as if it where G-D’s presence. Be approachable by friends and family. Leave a legacy to my 7th generation; a path to their Lifeonaire style. Be everything Hector Martin Brito Rivera means. Avigdor-Moshe-His covenant- Hebrews of the edge of the waters that is who I AM. Consciously realize that I choose my feelings, mood, and interpretations of events. I can change my thoughts. If I don’t like an effect, I can change the cause. Reflect my positive attitudes onto the world, never let negative people/feelings dictate my responsibility.

Faith: Be the light of hope and practicality I want to see in the world. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. My self-expression is a mirror of Hashem’s image. Write 2 personal copies of Torah in Hebrew, Spanish, and English side by side, one for me and the other for my generations. Write my own commentary of the rest of the bible as a gift to my family. Read the entire bible every year. Grow in knowledge and relationship every Shabbat. NEVER AGAIN miss YHWH’s appointed set apart meetings and experience consecutively all the Holy Days in Israel at least once.

Family: As the oldest living male of my family name, be honorable that my father’s name will not be erased from the earth and my children be granted the path of light for my actions on this existence. And my life will echo into their future. Be the greatest grandpa to all my children’s children.  I am open, honest, and concerned with my family members’ lives and show them how important they are to me. We share our life experiences via email, phone, and/or video. –  Show them daily that I LOVE them! Grow and learn as a family team/tribe.

Friends: They are my extended family and I meet them at a soul level in all the areas of my life and in every sphere of influence. I have 5 male friends that our relationship mimic that of Jonatan and David.

Fitness/Health: Be the epitaph of health and full of energy until the last day of this existence. Be so vibrant the others are influenced to follow. Be 100% detoxed of body, soul and mind. Have symmetry in the body, master the soft arts and be a resource to anyone seeking personal growth.

Freedom: The convergence of all my passions (Martial Arts, Torah, and Human Potential) and financial expectations are in harmony while expressing the creator’s image of Meshiach through me. Having a Lifeonaire lifetime partner to share my heart with.

Fun: Laughing with my 5 sisters once a month via A/V conference, talking with my mami every week. Find something new about creation at least daily. Having great conversations with meaningful people at least once every 3 days. Riding a Paso Fino horse on full moons. Driving my 930 Porsche when I feel like making it a special day to drive. Meditating/praying/reading Torah every day. Competitive sparing on a weekly basis, challenging my body and MA skills to higher levels of mastery. Being present the moment another human gets a revelation of their human potential and the possibilities before them.

Following/Leading: As I follow other men who have attain levels of mastery which I seek, I lead others to step into their journey. Integrity is my watchdog, practical effectiveness and efficiency are my guiding post, but the Ten Sayings are my Law.

Business: Money is a natural outflow from my service to others and all my needs and wants are cared for in direct proportion. I receive multiple streams of income from sharing and helping people find a significant piece of the puzzle for their life quest. I am financial healthy and fit and in return for money I give the gift of healthy living and knowledge of herbal healing and understanding of the simplicity of the created body as the most wonderful bio-computer and I teach others about the self-expression of intelligent force {G-D’s essence in us} through self-discovery and purpose of action.


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  1. Elizabeth Webb · February 4, 2015

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for your openness


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