Self Defense

Self-Defense Philosophy


Most self-defense instruction teach from the ground up with an increase of skill and dexterity progression in order to reach “Black Belt” status. In our approach we teach the Black Belt philosophy first and you teach us the techniques that work for your situation. We have turned the industry upside down and done away with the old model. This is not to say that we have thrown away the great values of but not limited to; honor, respect, harmony and discipline. Ideally, a good self-defense program should reflect these philosophical points in its outlook

  1. No one asks for, causes, invites, or deserves to be assaulted. Women and men sometimes exercise poor judgment about safety behavior, but that does not make them responsible for the attack. Attackers are responsible for their attacks and their use of violence to overpower, control and abuse another human being.
  1. 2) Whatever a person’s decision in a given self-defense situation, whatever action she/he does or does not take, that person is not at fault. Someone’s decision to survive the best way she can must be respected. Self-defense classes should not be used as a judgment against a victim/survivor.
  2. Good self-defense programs do not “tell” an individual what she “should” or “should not” do. A program should offer options, techniques, and a way of analyzing situations. A program may point out what USUALLY works best in MOST situations, but each situation is unique and the final decision rests with the person actually confronted by the situation.
  3. Empowerment is the goal of a good self-defense program. The individual’s right to make decisions about her participation must be respected. Pressure should not be brought to bear in any way to get someone to participate in an activity if she’s hesitant or unwilling.


I’ve already learnt what technique to do in any situation I might find myself, why do I need to go on a PCD course?

Most self-defense systems teach a simple “If the bad guy does that, you do this.” approach, which sadly has no basis in the realities of life.

 I’m an accomplished martial artist, is your course going to tell me I’ve been doing it wrong?

No, absolutely not! I have the utmost respect for the dedication and artistry of traditional martial artists and the skills you have learned. However, we do realize that what you learned in the dojo and your katas, doesn’t necessarily translate well to the street\life situations.

I’m 60+, but am worried about keeping my grandchildren safe, is this for me?

You are definitely in the right place. Age is no barrier to attending my programs. My approach is designed to tap into your natural protective instincts, to access an emotional and psychological mindset that’s critical to the protection of yourself and your loved ones. Combined with an instinctive physical skill set, the little people in your life will be in safer hands and you will gain the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you can and will be able to protect them, this is priceless.

 I’m a sedentary office worker / house wife and not very active, will I be able to cope physically?

That’s great news as you are exactly the sort of person that will benefit most from this course! There are some drills to do, but most of them are either not energetic or are very short (measured in seconds).

 I’m shy, I’m not sure I could cope with a big group. What should I do?

Opening your eyes to a world of safety and security, with a similar group of likeminded people, is a fun and liberating experience which you will never forget.

 What should I wear?

Plain clothing that usually is used during your work day with sensible shoes is fine. We don’t use martial arts uniforms or practice in a padded dojo, the reason is simply that’s not the environment you’ll find yourself in in a real street attack.

First Edition of Women’s Self Defence. Click this link to view in full screen:

From Hellville to Wellville series of 5 shows to help you on your journey to  …well,.. 

This is a set of videos that was stopped and there is no current replacement project.

We are in the new production – to be determined.


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