The Digestion Process

All organisms go through this stages:

1. Digestion
2. Absorption
3. Utilization
4. Elimination.

Each are as important and each other and play their part in the whole. Without digestion, there is no absorption or utilization so it is imperative that we digest properly.


Digestion does not begin in the mouth, it actually begins long before and that is what foods you choose. At nature’s level, which is all there is, we must choose the correct foods for the species that we are. We do not need scientists or studies to tell us that we are not natural meat eaters. I am not going to discuss type of teeth, length of gut and such, as this has been talked about many times. I ask you to look inside of yourself and simply ask:

– When you see any animal, is your instinctive first thought food?
– If you go for a walk in the woods and you see a carcass of an animal, do you get an urge to put you head in its chest cavity and have dinner?
– Does the thought of eating warm, raw and blood soaked spleen, intestines, or tendons seem appetizing?

I am sure you can see with very little effort that this is enough to tell you that we are not natural meat eaters.

So what should you eat?

Your body is made up of cells and their fuel is glucose. Simple sugar. Fruits contain this.

Everybody knows that children love candy and chocolate. We are careful that they have their treats, but in strict moderation, especially around Halloween! Yet what is going on? Have you ever asked yourself why do they want say, chocolate? Because it tastes good? Great, but why not a carrot or piece of cabbage? By pausing and taking a step back we can see that children are craving nature’s sugar. Their growing bodies are demanding natural fuel in order to grow. So ask yourself, what is sweet in nature? Because as I said, nature is all that there is right?

candyAs you know, the problem is that after eating some kind of candy the child doesn’t want fruit any longer. Even this is a lesson for us. This illustrates that the body is programmed to eat the sweetest fruit!

As adults we are drawn to the beauty of color. Again I ask you to return to nature, the only food bursting with an incredible variety of color is fruit.

You see the messages are there before our very eyes. We just need to stop, pause and accept what nature is telling us.

Please do not be concerned with the amount of sugar in fruit. The media are rightly telling us to avoid sugar but they are referring to unnatural, refined and “added” sugar. Not sugar from fruit. Sadly, sometimes fruit gets caught in this net of foods to avoid but this occurs due to some journalists not studying their source properly. This well written article from clearly states:

“One note: we’re talking about added sugar, not the naturally occurring sugars found … in fruit.”

In addition, here is a great video from that shows how sugar from fruit actually protects you from sugar spikes:

In conclusion, let us remember this important yet simple point. Eating the correct foods to begin with is already enough to avoiding many pitfalls that lay waiting.



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