Hector’s Services

– Iridology Mapping
– Detox programs; 3, 5, 10, 28 days
– Health Journey Consultations
– Weight Reduction plans
– Skin Detox programs; B,I,A
– Ionic foot detox/cleansing

Educational programs:

Responsible Detoxification; learn how to and the concerns with cleansing and detoxing in a weakened condition.
Women’s Self Defense; Lear about the “gift of fear” the “language and culture of violence” and the simplicity of safety. Any one of any age that is involved in society can learn and master the principles of defense.
Neuro-Muscular Resistance Training; NMRT is a very unique system of toning that will produce power and shape [tone] to your body in only 2 sessions per week. It will blow your mind what your body can do…
EARTH Harmonics; learn how to get grounded and stay grounded with natural laws of eliminating negative energies. Very special simple and techniques tools, and meditations/thoughts of simplifying your life.
CHIBOXNETIC; over 40 plus years of martial arts distilled into one efficient and effective fitness system for longevity, flexibility, strength, inner peace and confidence.


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