Kidney Function

Pause for a moment and ask yourself this, should your urine be crystal clear or dirty and cloudy? I imagine most of you say nice and clear. I certainly used to think so. ‘Dirty’ carries negative connotations doesn’t it? Nobody wants something to be dirty. We want everything nice and clean!

Let me ask you to consider something else. How many types of waste are their from the human body? Digestive waste and perhaps we have been told that the kidneys filter… but what do they filter exactly?

crumbling-houseHuman biology can be very complicated, or it can be simple. When it’s complicated it’s a minefield of endless information. I liken our medical advances today as a street of houses with these homes representing our bodies. But these houses do not have a foundation. Consequently, as they soon subside, they start to crack, roof tiles begin to come off and the structure soon is unstable. Technology today has created amazing experts that can fix these cracks, they can create replacement tiles. They can even take parts from one house and install it in another house. These procedures are expensive, time consuming, invasive and often need to be revisited as the walls crack again over time and the same old problems re-appear. It’s a never ending cycle.

Why does this happen and what is the solution? It happens because there was no foundations for each house. Can they still crack? Sure! But if we had stuck to basics and built the house properly in the way we know how, the problems would be few and far between.

How does this relate to the human body?

In his book, The Mucusless Diet Healing System, Arnold Ehret wrote:

“The dietetical problem, ‘What shall man eat to be healthy or to heal his disease,’ is in fact the problem of life, as little as it is considered or even known as the most important question. Long ago I coined the following phrase, ‘Life is a tragedy of nutrition.’ The confusion and ignorance regarding what to eat is in fact so great that it must necessarily be called the ‘missing link’ of the human mind.”

How is this related to the kidneys?

Let’s go back to the foundations of the house. There are two main forms of elimination, digestive waste and cell waste. Every part of ourCrying Baby body is made of cells. Each cell has to eat and excrete, just like a baby and in fact, all life forms. What happens to a baby when we don’t change the diaper? Essentially, when the waste is not removed? They get a rash, a form of inflammation. What can we learn from this in simple terms? That waste is acidic. Is it more complicated than that? It can be, but we’re going to keep it simple. It’s acidic and acid causes inflammation and if left it essentially starts to, ‘burn’.

Cell waste is dumped in the lymphatic system. This is a huge sewer system, similar to that of our blood circulation except it is about three times as big and it does not have a pump to help it, a pump we call the heart. The lymphatic system relies on movement and its sole purpose is to deal with waste and substances that potentially may harm the body.

The PH of the blood has to remain very stable at all times so it is illogical that acidic cell waste is released in such a vital system. So what happens with the lymphatic system? We have lymph nodes and these are like special check-points where lymph passes through and their job, simply put, is to destroy anything that poses a potential threat to the body.

But then what? What happens to the waste that still remains in the body? Well, just like digestive waste it must be eliminated.

This is where they kidneys do their job. When our kidneys are functioning properly, the urine is cloudy, has sediment and is generally dirty, this is exactly what we want. I can only speak from experience and from the teachings of one of my mentors, Dr. Robert Norse N.D. and that is, when somebody has a serious illness, you can bet that their urine is clear. The cell waste has been building up in the body for perhaps years. This acidic by-product as been accumulating and in doing so, is not just sitting the idly, it’s very existence means it has been burning the tissue surrounding it. What do we imagine inflammation is if it is not acid?

Urine_SedimentOften the body, in it’s extreme intelligence, still tries all it can, it uses every defense at its disposal. It has to for it’s very survival. Skin is the third kidney. Meaning our body will eliminate waste through the skin if it cannot filter the acid through the urine. Again this causes irritation, redness and makes us sore. Such skin complaints are given different names such as eczema, psoriasis and such. Acid is coming out of the skin. Just like when the diaper is not changed and the baby’s skin is irritated. If you have a lot of skin irritation, check your urine and it is probably clear. This tells us that the kidneys are not filtering, so the body is using the skin in an attempt to remove this acidic waste.

The best time to check your urine is first thing in the morning. If possible, urinate in a jar and if you cannot see sediment straight away, place the jar somewhere and let it sit for 24 hours. Hopefully the following day you will see lots of sediment. This is our goal. If we don’t see this, inflammation will catch up with us at some point in our lives, if it hasn’t done so already.

With the correct diet for the species that we are and occasionally using certain wild herbs, we can re-awaken our kidneys to carry out the job they were designed to do. When they begin to filter, any problems begin to disappear, not because we suppressed the symptoms, but because we dealt with the root cause.


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