Quote for this week 5/10/15 – 5/16/15 Who is the boss in my house

The BOSS depends on authority; the LEADER, on goodwill. Harry Gordon Selfridge

Whether you are the mom or the Dad or just the one that is in a position to care for others or just simply you have influence in another human being. Your house is your body first and foremost your mother is the feelings of your heart and your father is the rational mind. This quote looks at authority from the limited positional authority and not the scope of what it all encompasses. It also addresses a leader  as the one who is an influencer.

I on the other hand, want to say the one is  both leader and boss. Boss is about command authority and leader is about influence authority. Both are necessary and can be taken out of proportion and perverted.

a bad boss is forced commands and a good boss is orders that complete an overall mission for the sake of the mission and the “troops” A bad leader allows others to make decision or only leads by consensus, a good leader influences those lead to make and find the better decisions for the wellness of the whole…

Character of Leadership

“If adversity put business leadership to rigorous test, it also provided a rigorous course of training.  If it took off the fat…it toughened the spirit.”   P. W. Litchfield

So what this means is that all tests come to leadership as the head of the particular organization would be the 10th contest the spirit of that leadership and the result of the the author says if it countless and takes off the fat by means of hard work, sweating it out over time and having the persistence to not quit. So in the essence of leadership is nothing more than positive influence or for that matter it could also be negative. Now there is influence and affluence. What is internal and one is external. However they are typically under the same umbrella of influence. So my point in this is that I must have personal internal influence over my character and build a stronger and more directed leadership of the self, if I am ever going to have influence over anybody else.

By Hector Brito

Health Journey the first steps- how to begin and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

where darkness and light meet is the start of your journey.  The window to your soul and the map of your body.

where darkness and light meet is the start of your journey. The window to your soul and the map of your body.

The first step is in the mind. one simple decision done once will do the whole trick. So, no it won’t be easy but yes it is possible. what one person can do anyone else can achieve and better. This is the simple and the complex side of detox, health eating or whatever you decide is your health journey. Another way of looking into this is ‘the journey of a thousand steps begins with one” Fail your way to success and go light on your self it is the only you you have. When you “fall” just tell yourself I was testing if this is working and my body is giving me feedback about my new eating habits. reframing is crucial to winning. If you don’t reframe your thoughts you will like sabotage your victory. Rome was not built in a day and there is no quick fix diet! only fast thinking and keep moving in the intended direction.

  • find a partner to come along
  • build or join a community online to share in the journey
  • keep learning about food as medicine
  • don’t quit no matter how many times you start over

Fruits are the highest level of energetics available to mankind, because it is easily absorbed by the body and natural detoxifiers.

In the beginning G-D…, eARTh was waste and void…,and the spirit of G-D moved over…

If health is absent from the body: The spirit can not rise and shine it’s light, the mind can not express it’s intelligence, and the real person will not be seen in it’s magnitude.
We are a living soul (energy) with a body that is our vehicle, a smart one for sure. We have a mind that we use as a self operating super great computer. The mind is not the brain and the spirit is not the soul and so, the body is not the person. But I tell you that each has its own level of conscience or operating commands are linked by frequencies and a certain energy that keeps it together in harmony a covenant if you will.
So, make a commitment to share out of your true nature and your self expression with respect and honor. and let us walk together as we remake the void and the waste into new life and positive vibrations together we change the world by changing ourselves first.