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Character of Leadership

“If adversity put business leadership to rigorous test, it also provided a rigorous course of training.  If it took off the fat…it toughened the spirit.”   P. W. Litchfield

So what this means is that all tests come to leadership as the head of the particular organization would be the 10th contest the spirit of that leadership and the result of the the author says if it countless and takes off the fat by means of hard work, sweating it out over time and having the persistence to not quit. So in the essence of leadership is nothing more than positive influence or for that matter it could also be negative. Now there is influence and affluence. What is internal and one is external. However they are typically under the same umbrella of influence. So my point in this is that I must have personal internal influence over my character and build a stronger and more directed leadership of the self, if I am ever going to have influence over anybody else.

By Hector Brito