Hector’s is a native of Puerto Rico who grew up partially in the United States and Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico he first learned about herbology from  his grandma! She was renowned as a healer and used a lot of herbs and prayer. Having a grandmother like this activated his a curiosity for herbs and natural ways of detoxifying and supporting the body for ultimate health. His grandmother at the age of 8 learned the craft from a lady that passed away upon teaching his grandmother, and his grandma passed away at age 93.

Hector has been learning and studying about local herbs and remedies since he was 10 years of age. When he was 30 years old he suffered a debilitating accident from a horse that herniated 5 discs in his neck. At the moment of trauma he was paralyzed from the neck down for approximately one hour, in a field of soybean, alone. He slowly began to recover his feeling first in his fingers and then is his toes and was eventually able to get up and walk back to his horse training facility. The effects of this bad accident showed up eight months later; a year and a half later he was subjected to surgery of the C7 cervical bone. It is here where the health journey  takes a mile marker twist.

Not satisfied with the results and the subsequent treatment of the following two years he began to return to his roots and what his grandmother had taught him. Studying, researching and learning anything that was, so called, ‘alternative medicine’ he immediately discovering that it was not alternative, but ancient and had been around so long as man has been around. He mixed his passion for martial art sports performance and herbology and lost 65 pounds in a year. At the age of 40, he recovered from his neck injury and surgery and returned to professional boxing. After thousands of hours of self-study he received a certificate from Dr. Morse international school of detoxification level one and level two in 2014.

Hector combines his studies as a biomedical repair engineer/technician of 20+ years, 40+ years as a martial artist, horse trainer, public speaker, farmer, professional Boxer,business owner and an entrepreneur. In addition Hector is a father of six children and has fostered parent over 30 kids.

His engineering mind and passion for traditional medicine and the use of iridology as a tool, makes him a very good consultant, coach and nutrition educator for anyone seeking personal results.

Hector is not a theorist but a practical application consultant and a product of his products.


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