In the beginning G-D…, eARTh was waste and void…,and the spirit of G-D moved over…

If health is absent from the body: The spirit can not rise and shine it’s light, the mind can not express it’s intelligence, and the real person will not be seen in it’s magnitude.
We are a living soul (energy) with a body that is our vehicle, a smart one for sure. We have a mind that we use as a self operating super great computer. The mind is not the brain and the spirit is not the soul and so, the body is not the person. But I tell you that each has its own level of conscience or operating commands are linked by frequencies and a certain energy that keeps it together in harmony a covenant if you will.
So, make a commitment to share out of your true nature and your self expression with respect and honor. and let us walk together as we remake the void and the waste into new life and positive vibrations together we change the world by changing ourselves first.


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